We develop plugins and spécific applications for the numeric model on Autodesk Revit, Autocad and Dynamo.

To complement this offer, we also propose a standard panel. Principal features are detailed below :

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This application allows you to create reservations (manually or automatically) at the intersect of a MEP network (sheath, piping, cable path) and a structural item (wall, slab, beam). Different options allow to work with links, add informations to reservations (numbering, bundle … ) and define a reservation type : MEP or structural opening. Possibility to bring differents reservations together, to edit the shape or import reservations from a link.

Automatic tilting

This tool allow to tilt a MEP network (sheath, piping or cable path) from another with a defined distance or a network to avoid. Possibility to add structural values to check potential impact during the tilting.


This application allows to export spaces from a document to a .stl file. This file can be imported with DIALux to integrate lights. The import function allow to open .stf files exported with DIALux to with Revit lights placed before with DIALux. You can set up if the light support is in the document or a link with a setting option, and add custom librairies for the lights integration.


This tool allow to change the reference level (or the host level) from the entire network (or some individuals items).


This tool allow to duplicate a view to multiple copies and add a name, a viewing template or a definition area.


This application allow to transfer parameters from parts (or spaces) to items which are physically in the part.

Example : You can transfer name’s part (parts are in a linked file) into sheath accessories which are in there.


This tool allow to manager filters of a document and the active view.


This annotation tool alow to visually split (the network stay entire and connected in the 3D) a MEP network (sheath, piping, duct, cable path).


This tool allow to transfer a parameter value to another parameter. You can transfer up to 3 parameters values at a time. You can also apply this transfer to all items of a category.